We Have to be Able to Criticize Bad Idea

We have to be able to criticize bad idea.

Since the book in which the idea is based on stated that apostasy and homosexuality are deemed to be sentenced by death, then IT IS A BAD IDEA. It requires nothing but common sense and sense of humanity to understand that imposing pain and severe against one’s will is evil and immoral, and thus is a bad idea. The fact is, statistics shown that it is not few who subscribe and believe to this bad idea, despite they don’t, or not dare yet, practicing it due to certain reasons (perhaps due to their common sense and sense of humanity, too).

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An Afternoon Thought: Atheist in Indonesia & Homosexual in Russia

To be an atheist in Indonesia is as hard and dangerous as being a homosexual in Russia. 

While in Indonesia, accusation goes to atheists as being in par with communist, confusing the act of free thinking with political idea, in Russia, a propaganda is being launched that a gay is in par with anti-christian, mixing sexual orientation with religious defamation.

Sometimes we just have to realize that, no matter how, we are living in the world full of ignorance and full of suppression, mentally and physically, to live the way certain group of people want us to live.

Many may say that they are tolerant people, but still turn blind eye when violence happens in front their eyes.

I don’t blame these people entirely. Sometimes I think, it’s because many of them don’t understand and are not well-informed due to political and religious barriers curbing them from seeing something from different perspective. That’s why I disagree if atheist and gay people hide somewhere completely, tolerating the intolerance, and making it even harder for the anti-atheist and anti-gay to understand our existence. Point taken that safety comes first. Still, there are thousands means to express ourselves, to notice the world that we are exist and function as well human beings.

To “Be yourself” is not easy. However, I believe that one day, voices will once again reunite humanity. Just like what Mandela had done to terminate the apartheid or feminist had achieved to allow women to vote in the 19 century.

– Riska

Same Islamist Drama in Indonesia

While I was in holiday in Indonesia

Miss World is an immoral event. If it goes ahead, we will all be punished by God,” one protester shouted to the crowd in Bandung, where some 300 protesters responded with chants of “God is great”.

— why on earth they had to chant “…we will ALL be punished by god” words? Not all of WE, indonesians, are muslims or believe in god. Mind your business, please!

— And what’s this absurd “immoral” word? So, it’s ok to smile, earn triple hajj status, and steal public money through corruption and to value other religions (non-muslims) lower than yours? Oh islamists dear, you have far more important issues to contend with than to worry about a little flesh being shown.

I am not a fan of pageant beauty contest, but let everything in fire just because everything has to meet sharia law is just completely retarded.

Last year, these islamists managed to kick Lady Gaga out from Indonesia. To my eyes, Gaga brings far more valuable piece of creation than these religious fanatics with their violence and rage to non-muslims.

Often I think Indonesia will be better off without islamic rules penetrating every decision in public affairs.

Read the news here: http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/news/miss-world-organizers-defend-indonesia-pageant/