Family Pre-Christmas Dinner 2014

photoIt was just like a scene from a random Christmas family movie, where the entire family of 10 came to visit their relatives’ home and the story begins. Knowing that my husband and I are not coming to Norway for Christmas, my mother-in-law came up with a ‘brilliant’ idea: “Why don’t the entire family from Norway come to visit us in Denmark? That would be ‘koseligt’ (joyful in Norwegian)…”, texted her to my husband last month.

So this week, my small apartment was being invaded -as my brother-in-law coined- by my parents-in-law, my sister and brothers-in-law, their kids, and sisters of my mother-in-law (should i say tante-in-law?). They arrived by DSDF boat with a nice short-cruise program from Oslo-Copenhagen, catered to rich Norwegians, who typically want to make a weekend trip to Denmark for cheep and loosely regulated beers (fyi, the danes called this boat Oslo boten, while the Norwegians called it Danske boten; that explain the route each of these folks is bound to).

All the efforts to clean and make our apartment look nice were useless as our family don’t really bother if it was clean or not. My brother and sister-in-law carried tons of belongings, from kids spare clothes, diapers, to extra foods. Most of them scattered around the floor. That was why they didn’t really bother if the place was actually neat or not….”it’s gonna be messy again”: that was the message.

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What The World Eats?

I re-visited The Nobel Peace Museum in Oslo this December, where it housed a special exhibition regarding the world food issues. There i learned that the food that we eat everyday, that we taste delicately everyday, actually come from a very complicated chain of demands and supplies.

The problem regarding food issues today is that there is significant distribution problem. There are parts of the world that are getting heavier, dealing with obesity, and the other parts that are getting skinnier, struggling in famine.

The gallery below depicts pictures of families from around the world showing what they eat for an entire week and the cost they spend to afford these foods. Can you find the family that spends less than USD5 per week to feed the entire family? And the family that spends the most?

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