Celebrating the 17th of May in Denmark

1545876_10152149569061936_6682543924698365722_nThe 17th of May is a sacred day for many Norwegians. It is the day of the Norwegian constitution, which heroically even more sacred, since it remarks the independence from the Swedish kingdom, and then from the Danish kingdom, and back again to the Swedes (the Danish and the Swedish kingdoms were constantly in war back then; and when the Danes chose a wrong guy, a.k.a Napoleon, in one of the wars, they had to hand over Norway, in tears, to their viking brother across the Øresund channel  – the Swedes).

The Norwegian constitution (May 17, 1814) is an inspiration for the danish constitution (June 5, 1849). In Denmark, the constitution also remarks the end of the absolute monarchy in the country. However, because Denmark had been for ages being a wealthy powerful kingdom, the constitution has merely been seen as an noble moment at the parliament by many danes; it does not carry the same emotional degree as the constitution in Norway, which seen by many as a symbol of freedom and sovereignty. That is why the norwegians around the world dedicate the 17th of may as a holiday to celebrate, throw party, dress in bunad (norwegian traditional dress), parade along the street while waving the norwegian flag, and enjoy massive amounts of beers and foods (including the classic pølse og lompe: a grill sausage, wrap in oat bread & soft ice). On the contrary, the celebration scene like this is hardly found during the constitutional day in Denmark.

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Western Immigrants give profit, but Non-Westerns cost Denmark? A Hypocrite Conclusion to My Experience as a Non-Western Immigrant

Western Immigrants give profit and Non-Western cost Denmark?? (read the Rockwool Foundation research “Indvandrere og danskeres nettobidrag til de offentlige finanser” – Danish only, or the english news here)

As a matter of fact, non-western immigrants is such diversified group. Yes, there are certain non-western sub-groups which remain in needs to be assisted when it comes to immigration (and this is the government’s job to do something for these groups, by stricter law, or high commitment to improve the integration program).

….but, AVERAGING the term, “Non-Western”, in this research, is such a misleading information. Big time. It is a potential contrary for many sub-groups of non-western immigrants in Denmark.

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7 Things I Love About Copenhagen

The name of Paris, Milan, London, and Berlin might be mentioned more frequently as the European city destinations by tourists, but on this blog post, there is a modern, yet classical capital of Scandinavia, Copenhagen, (please ignore when the Swedes protested about it), which has been coined as beautiful as the European cities above.

I have been living in Copenhagen for about 1.5 years and I want to introduce to you the 7 things I love about living in this city.

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