We Have to be Able to Criticize Bad Idea

We have to be able to criticize bad idea.

Since the book in which the idea is based on stated that apostasy and homosexuality are deemed to be sentenced by death, then IT IS A BAD IDEA. It requires nothing but common sense and sense of humanity to understand that imposing pain and severe against one’s will is evil and immoral, and thus is a bad idea. The fact is, statistics shown that it is not few who subscribe and believe to this bad idea, despite they don’t, or not dare yet, practicing it due to certain reasons (perhaps due to their common sense and sense of humanity, too).

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Paris – Copenhagen Art Festival 2013

Last Sunday, I went to Paris – Copenhagen Art Festival. It was a two-day festival held from Saturday, January 19 – Sunday, January 20, 2013, around Vesterbro area. This festival brought the Copenhageners all beauties of France from French-Danish artists whom I have met personally on the spot.

The paintings, the french foods and artistic creation in this festival traveled me to Paris in just 2.5 hours, yet make me realized how much I love Denmark and Copenhagen for exposing me with such an amazing melting culture in Europe.

Happy artsy!

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