We Have to be Able to Criticize Bad Idea

We have to be able to criticize bad idea.

Since the book in which the idea is based on stated that apostasy and homosexuality are deemed to be sentenced by death, then IT IS A BAD IDEA. It requires nothing but common sense and sense of humanity to understand that imposing pain and severe against one’s will is evil and immoral, and thus is a bad idea. The fact is, statistics shown that it is not few who subscribe and believe to this bad idea, despite they don’t, or not dare yet, practicing it due to certain reasons (perhaps due to their common sense and sense of humanity, too).

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Western Immigrants give profit, but Non-Westerns cost Denmark? A Hypocrite Conclusion to My Experience as a Non-Western Immigrant

Western Immigrants give profit and Non-Western cost Denmark?? (read the Rockwool Foundation research “Indvandrere og danskeres nettobidrag til de offentlige finanser” – Danish only, or the english news here)

As a matter of fact, non-western immigrants is such diversified group. Yes, there are certain non-western sub-groups which remain in needs to be assisted when it comes to immigration (and this is the government’s job to do something for these groups, by stricter law, or high commitment to improve the integration program).

….but, AVERAGING the term, “Non-Western”, in this research, is such a misleading information. Big time. It is a potential contrary for many sub-groups of non-western immigrants in Denmark.

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The Danish Government (again) Deported 1-Year-Old Danish Child

Mr.Andersen past sickness, which forced him to claim state’s support, was not his 1-year-old daughter’s fault.
She is just 1 year old and has to be separated from his own biological father.

The current SD coalition government can’t just keep blaming past Venstre-K-DF coalition’s nazi immigration law. We all understand that it is the excess of past law, and that was why citizens voted you two years ago to change the law, as soon and as effective as possible.
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