We Have to be Able to Criticize Bad Idea

We have to be able to criticize bad idea.

Since the book in which the idea is based on stated that apostasy and homosexuality are deemed to be sentenced by death, then IT IS A BAD IDEA. It requires nothing but common sense and sense of humanity to understand that imposing pain and severe against one’s will is evil and immoral, and thus is a bad idea. The fact is, statistics shown that it is not few who subscribe and believe to this bad idea, despite they don’t, or not dare yet, practicing it due to certain reasons (perhaps due to their common sense and sense of humanity, too).

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Five Fabulous Resolutions for The Year 2014

Everyone seems like talking about resolution during the new year’s eve. Some have completely new resolutions regarding their life. Some just simply plan to continue the unfinished missions from their past resolutions. And perhaps some, barely have no idea what to plan for the next year. No matter what type you are, we are all sharing one common thing: life goes on.

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10 Things to Give up in Exchange for Happiness

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I’m told happiness is a choice.

Unfortunately we complicate our lives to the point of being unable to recognize happiness when it appears before our eyes.

So how to clear the slate? Here are 10 things you’ll need to give up in exchange for your happiness.

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