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11081142_10152858410041936_8998803720922274105_nFor 23 years of living in Indonesia, with few period of years in different sequences abroad, I finally made a big decision in my life: TO EMIGRATE FROM INDONESIA. Some of my friends questioned why I took such a bold life decision when I already could have been successful in my home country. I have bachelor degree in business and economy with specialization in marketing. My small start-up and profile have appeared many times in national and few international media. And my works in entrepreneurship and writing in Indonesia were often promoted in global events in different countries. Technically, I could be anything professional in Indonesia.

There are plenty of reasons, practically speaking, why I chose to move abroad, left my career to become someone unknown, and have to struggle from zero as an immigrant. One of them is my marriage with my long-time best friend and former host-sibling in the United States, who is a Norwegian (we unfortunately got divorced recently). However, the essential reasoning of my migration should be centered to my thirst of freedom: freedom of thinking, freedom of expression, and freedom to explore something new. My unstoppable energy that I always have to travel and the comforts of being a learner and mingle with different people from different backgrounds remains.

Being an immigrant is completely not easy. I have to strongly believe in my self and the “immigrant” spirit of “never look back again after my first step out from the first port of exit in my home country”.  I finally moved to Norway in June 22, alone. I knew that I would live with my husband back then, but the process of integration itself depends on myself. In addition to financial issues that we both have to face, there are many others upcoming paper works which seem never ends. Also, the most important things are to be able to speak the language and be accepted in the community. Norway will not be my last country; I finally resided in Denmark, but both Norway and Denmark will be my adopted parental countries as I will travel many times between the two.

For the above reasons, I decided to create one blog that is dedicated as a progress track of my integration and in the future, belonging process with the Scandinavian society. As many other western European countries, Denmark and Norway have become the immigrant countries, especially for refugees or asylum seekers from conflicting countries. It has been an ongoing debate about what the hosting countries should do to maintain peace and stability with this new demographic face. Hopefully, I can also highlight other migrants’ life-story and therefore, helping other people in the same situation by providing personal information beyond immigration department’s website.

I believe that to create the feeling of belonging is the best way to gather all people in the country, both immigrants and settlers, to contribute their best skills for the community, but it should be directed under one common civil law that respects human rights. I know speaking is so easy, but I am looking forward to immerse myself in this issue of immigration as I will soon experience this stage of life.

Additionally, I will also highlight good spots to visit around the countries, and hot news from the north! Hopefully, you will share the same feelings of my love to Scandinavian (especially Danish and Norwegian) culture.

As many brave vikings rushed to the ocean to find precious things, I should say that I never regret my decision to sail off from the safe harbor, and I am, and will always try to be, positive with my new life.

Riska Mirzalina

E-mail me at e.account@jubii.dk


14 thoughts on “About The Blogger

  1. Saw your comment at the cph post and I thought I’d say hello.

    I’m also Indonesian living in Denmark, been here 7 years. I work in both Norway and Denmark so I travel there a lot. My blog is probably not as “cheerful” as yours as I’m a bit jaded with the way things are here, but do contact if you need anything.

    By the way we – Indonesians in Denmark have also a FB group at
    You are welcomed to join.

  2. Greetings from Oslo,
    i am quite new as blogger, i am in oslo now with tourist visa and have a plan to move to here as immigrant hopefully within this year.

    nice to meet you,

  3. i’ve been in Copenhagen with DFDS 2 weeks ago, not bad even only spent time 7hours 🙂
    too bad i have to come back to Indo upcoming monday, i will follow your way, using tourist visa for marry, if you don’t mind i will ask more details. Tusen Takk 🙂

  4. Dear Riska, nice to know you through writings. This is Rita, I’m living with a Norwegian partner and I chose him (one of many important reasons after love, characters etc) because Scandinavian’s value of gender equality, both at work and home. You see, growing up as an Indonesian kid with a mom who always does the dishes (plus help from a housemaid) and a dad who never cooks and rarely cleans, made me realize that it’s such an unfair world and I’ve made a vow to never marry a typical Asian guy like my own father. My question to you is: what is your experience so far living with a Norwegian husband? can you recommend some tips that work? (personal email will do). I know it’s highly personal and depends on the guy one ended up with, but I feel that after living for 2 months together, I can see his future potential to be just like my dad, messy and slightly chaotic. My biggest challenge is to create a system where he would put things back where they belong, especially in the kitchen. It’s nice to be more organized like the Germans. COZY! I tried to make it more fun, inventing games so that it doesn’t feel like chores, it only worked for a week. I’m seriously considering a labour strike here because of our same age and I don’t want to act like his parent. Looking forward for your reply. Cheers 😀

    • Hello Rita,
      Sorry for just replying now. I have been busy back and forth Indonesia-Denmark taking care my mom and her chemotherapy.

      It’s nice to read your comment on my blog and I’d like to thank you for dropping by my blog 🙂 (do you have a blog as well?)

      Well, to begin with, I also share your feeling, that one of the ideas of marrying a norwegian, perhaps I can experience more equality in household.
      Of course there were moments when me and my norwegian husband argued, yelled, cried, over chores. Especially since we moved to a bigger apartment – obviously as there are more rooms to be organized.

      After almost 2 years of marriage, I would say we finally agreed with how things shall be done.
      I would rather call as a mutual agreement based on mutual interest a.k.a dialogue and consensus, rather than a system.
      For example, I agree to be the most often one in cooking, because 1) I love cooking 2)He is a mediocre cook 3)I don’t like washing dishes, so he does the dishes. I fold the dry clothes, while he hangs the wet ones. We divide our grocery shopping schedule biweekly. And we do big clean up day biweekly together, by dividing who’s in charge with each room (e.g. I handle bed and living room, while he takes care kitchen, bathroom, and entrance).

      A mutual agreement based on a mutual interest is also flexible, because as an analyst, I spend more hours at the office. So, many times I couldn’t be at home when there were craftman’s jobs such as plumb fixing. He is in charge more for home affairs such as participating at annual meeting in our apartment’s union and informing me for all letters arrived from gas, internet, or mortgage companies.

      The relationship between me and my husband is completely different with my parents, where my mom’s voice are less heard, let alone dividing chores tasks.

      First thing you may need to discuss with your partner is: “What are your two’s interests and how do you guys agree in mutually helping each other to fulfill those interests?

      Each couple has different solutions and angles in seeing the problem. But I hope, i answer a bit of your wonder.

      Where do you live now? In Oslo?


  5. I hope I don’t sound too desperate ahahaha but really I’d appreciate anyone whose organizing system work with one’s partner (I’m imagining the nightmare of more works with taking care of kids, so I wish to have an early discipline while being only us now). I truly believe that an organized house is an organized mind. Thank you for reading 🙂

  6. Actually Riska, it’s not so much about creating the system but how can I continue make him do it consistently daily, weekly, monthly. I guess this is my problem and I need to try applying different solutions 😛

  7. Hello Riska, I’m sorry to hear about your mom. I hope you stay strong for her and well-rested after long trips.

    Unfortunately I don’t have a blog. I’ve got a facebook, would you like to stay in touch there?

    Thank you for taking the time to reply. I like the idea of mutual agreement based on mutual interest, it sounds waaay better than a system. Rigid inflexible repetitive routines, don’t want to go down that route, the last thing I’d want to do is adding more pressure on him after hours of work.

    The funny thing is, on the same day I wrote to you, I talked to him about my concern for the first time and he took it very seriously, since then the kitchen stuff always almost look like new, like it’s never been used before (this is my mantra on cleaning :P). OK, I do admit perhaps I’m slightly obsessed with order, anyways, it taught me a lesson to never underestimate your man or any man ever and men can’t read our minds. I thought if I created a system behind his back without making him finding out that I was trying to discipline him, I’d be more successful in achieving my goals. I didn’t. The simplest way is to just ask him. Do as the Norwegians do= simple direct language/ command (whatever).

    So this is what happened for the last two weeks: I’m slacking off and act everything’s in perfect order, living more playfully by his rule (his definition of order is one particular item belongs to not only one place but few places) Oh well, VARIETY is the spice of life. I promise myself I need to be smarter and that is why I’m choosing a bigger, better, wiser battles. So far so good. It is FUN not to have things located in the same place and can actually move them around, both little details and big picture from cheese slicer, coffee cups (they’re everywhere) to sliding furniture (e.g. lazy armchairs). I realise it’ll be different when we do have kids someday, but that’s another solution to operate in the future.

    I’m channeling my organised mind into something else, still exploring which options are most productive 😉

    At the moment we’re living near Sogndal, Sogn og Fjordane because of his work, but we have plan moving to a bigger city this year.

    Cozy snowstorm greetings~

  8. Salam kenal ya, mendapat link ke blog ini dari hunnihonning 😀 I am Indonesian, been living in Norway for sometimes and now a permanent resident in this little yet amazing –especially in the summer time– country.

      • Hi Mirza, makasih buat ajakannya…iya hunnihonning sudah kasih tahu tapi sayang sayanya nggak available. Moga2x next time bisa ketemuan ya 🙂

  9. Dear Mirzalina,
    How are you?
    senang membaca blog ini, membuat saya tambah bersemangat untuk tinggal di Kristiansand Norway.
    saya pertama kali tinggal di Europa Norway, sebelumnya saya lebih sering ke Jepang untuk urusan business, dan saya berfikir jodoh saya orang jepang, ternyata Allah memberikan Norwegia man untuk saya.
    Selama dijepang saya harus disiplin dan kerja keras jadi setiap detik waktu harus efektif.
    Disini saya merasa lebih relax tapi berat hati ini untuk meninggalkan Surabaya dimana saya hampir semua yg dulu saya impikan .
    4 apartemen , rumah dan komplit dg mobil terbaru saya sudah punya. Dan Alhamdullilah Calon suami orang sangat baik untuk hidup saya sekarang tapi sepertinya saya harus tinggal di Norway.
    DiNorway saya ingin memulai dari nol lagi walaupun 100 % calon suami mau membantu…

    saya salut dengan Mirzalina saat memantapkan hati untuk menjadi diri sendiri untuk bertekat pindah ke Norway.
    saya ingin bertemu kalau ada waktu.

    Mirzalina asli mana ? saya Surabaya.

    okay thanks ya…


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