We Have to be Able to Criticize Bad Idea

We have to be able to criticize bad idea.

Since the book in which the idea is based on stated that apostasy and homosexuality are deemed to be sentenced by death, then IT IS A BAD IDEA. It requires nothing but common sense and sense of humanity to understand that imposing pain and severe against one’s will is evil and immoral, and thus is a bad idea. The fact is, statistics shown that it is not few who subscribe and believe to this bad idea, despite they don’t, or not dare yet, practicing it due to certain reasons (perhaps due to their common sense and sense of humanity, too).

What we need is reformists, a Luther, the people who dare to slam the door, and say that THIS IDEA NEEDS TO BE COMPLETELY CHANGED or at least BE REFORMED. Those, including moderates, who try to defend that the act of beheading the apostates, the closures of worship house other than one religion’s house, stoning the homosexuals, enforcement to dress up against one’s will, etc. have nothing to do with ‘THAT’ idea is simply trying to cover up the smell which is obviously known where it is leaking from; it is like trying to hide the very own problem and therefore, they choose to live in delusion by satisfying the not-necessarily-right voices of the masses.

And most importantly, we speak about the idea here. Don’t mix it up with the people who subscribe to this idea, for their only own reasoning is doing things on behalf of this idea, which make them literally the victims of this idea.

However, let us be honest that the subscribers of this idea are also humans who behold humanity and compassion, something which have exist centuries away before this bad idea was even invented in the 8th century. Humanity, love, and compassion are one of the traits which function behind the sub conscious of people when they decided to do good deeds, or even ignoring one or more verses on the book of this bad idea to do good deeds (e.g. accepting the fact, with open hands and mind that their son is gay). With or without this idea, human can still be able to love, be moral, compassionate, and humane.

And you know which idea I am talking about.

‪#‎GoSamHarris‬ ‪#‎GoReason‬


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