I Found Indomie with Real Indonesian Taste in Norway

Yes, I can get Indomie in few immigrant food shops in Copenhagen. But…with the imported taste, namely the one which somehow has been adjusted for foreigner tongue: less spicy and less MSG (monosodium glutamat … :-p).

If you don’t know what Indomie is? Wiki here. It’s an instant noodle brand widely popular around the world for its variety of tastes and affordable price. Obviously not a healthy pick, but it’s the food for all social classes and races in Indonesia. The poor and the have, the western and eastern Indonesians,  love Indomie.

You can also check one of its Indonesian ads here or even….the Nigerian version here !

Thanks the universe, I finally got to eat Indomie again with the real Indonesian taste after I found that REMA 1000, a big supermarket chain in Norway, decided to sell Indomie noodle soup in their stores. The minus point is I could only taste the real Indomie if I visit Norway or Indonesia, but…meh…it’s better than never.

I love Indomie!

Indomie beef soup taste

Indomie beef soup taste


5 thoughts on “I Found Indomie with Real Indonesian Taste in Norway

  1. uuummm yummy, am Indonesian, indomie waves here and around south east asia, its about taste! come and try indonesian food here and boom! No msg, cheap, full and happy, thanks Mirzalina (your name sounds like Indonesian too :D) for the review

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