Goodbye My Awesome Pink Suitcase


Last appearance at Kastrup airport, Copenhagen

Last appearance at Kastrup airport, Copenhagen

Dear my pink suitcase,

I remember the first time I landed a sight on you. It was at some random bag shop in north Seattle, in 2006. I needed an extra suitcase, and a cheap one given my student status, for my belongings which I had to bring back to Indonesia after a year living in the U.S. I was in the middle of two choices, between you and another typical black suitcase. But my friend, Kelsey, who couldn’t wait for any longer, shouted that I should just pick you since I had been touching you for 20 minutes. 

Appeared that you were not just another cheap luggage. Since 2006, you had accompanied me traveling to many different countries, across oceans and continents. From the U.S. to Indonesia, you continued to be with me during our Tokyo-bound trip. Did you remember that I stuffed a huge speaker and several gadgets which I bought from Tokyo? And despite your soft case, you protected them safely during the rough pacific journey against the weight of other suitcases.

You also came with me during a one-week competition camp, which led me to earn training in Germany.

And Singapore, then India to visit the home of Gandhi.

You also saved me when I needed another not-so-big suitcase on my first migration to Norway. I stuffed so many things inside you, yet you protected those important belongings of mine all the way until we both landed in Oslo.

Then our moving trip, driving from Norway to Denmark. I am sure you felt really uncomfortable from having to stay inside the trunk for so many hours across Norway, Sweden, and finally Denmark.

But I am sure you were happy traveling to Western Norway to pass by the most beautiful and the longest fjord in the world, right?

This Christmas 2013, you were with me again in Norway. But one thing that I never knew. I never knew that you helped me carrying my Christmas gifts, plenty of them, back to Denmark, would be our last adventure.

I stood by the luggage belt in Copenhagen airport, waiting you came out. My heart was broken when I knew that one of your wheels was gone and that parts of your side were reaped apart. I don’t know who dared to do this to you. Was it another luggage? Or was it a Norwegian Airline ground crew?

I will be missing you. Your big compartment, despite your small build. Your tough wheels, despite they were only two-wheel type. Your shocking pink color, which prevented you from being lost or accidentally switched with other luggage, as your color was so easily to detect, among plenty black suitcases. And your strong but flexible handle, despite it had pulled so many stuff on thousands miles away.

7 years were a quiet long time for a soft suitcase like you, given our rapid traveling. And we had a great 7 years to remember!

My awesome pink suitcase, I hope you will rest in peace in the recycle center and recycled into something useful for other people.


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