Five Fabulous Resolutions for The Year 2014

Everyone seems like talking about resolution during the new year’s eve. Some have completely new resolutions regarding their life. Some just simply plan to continue the unfinished missions from their past resolutions. And perhaps some, barely have no idea what to plan for the next year. No matter what type you are, we are all sharing one common thing: life goes on.

Two and half out of six 2013 resolutions of mine have come true, with the biggest champ to move and buy an apartment in Copenhagen. I would say that for barely 1.5 years living in Denmark, I consider myself lucky enough adjusting my life here. I got a job within 3 months since I moved here; i bought an apartment; i continue my danish class and develop my danish skill. No need to complain too much but continue the journey and enjoy every moment here.

This 2014, I’ll keep my resolution simple: continuing what I haven’t achieved in year 2013 + 1 new secret wish list. These themselves summed into a total of 5, which I call the five fabulous resolutions.

1. A Special Secret Resolution

I couldn’t tell this resolution yet, but I promise I will reveal it by the time I manage nailing it. This resolution is about my identity, my happiness, and my survival journey. Just wish me luck and hope the universe helps me to reach this goal by this year.

2. Ingen Stress (No Stress)

Continuing the 2013 resolution, this year I still want to work on my schedule so that I don’t get stress easily. Stress makes me unable to think clearly and create continuous error after error.

I read from one article that one of the wisest thing to spend money so that it will buy a happiness is to spend it on something less materialistic. Thus, I want to invest my money on leisure and travelling this year. Traveling leaves amazing adventurous memory which will last forever and know nothing about being obsolete like our gadget that will be out of date within few months.

Paris, Norway, suburb of Copenhagen, and Indonesia were nice places i managed to visit in 2013. This year I want to do it a little bit differently: short days of escapade, but more frequently. A prolonged weekend or a week-off may do. Perhaps, I still want to do traveling within Denmark and cities in southern europe.

Moreover, I hope I can manifest happiness by planning to get together with friends more often. Spend quality time with them, real people, and trim tons of unimportant virtual friends on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. This is a very bold plan of mine, but worth wile to reduce my stress. First, I don’t want to be bothered with people on social media that often stir my anger by preaching about religious fanaticism, which later drag my old trauma (and I am sick being stuck in my old traumatic life). Second, I don’t want to reveal my life to people whom i don’t know well. I mean, I don’t want the people who don’t know about myself so well, to know me better and judge my personality from simply and only social media. Third, I am pretty sure I don’t have and can’t have time for 2,000 friends in the real life.

3. Speak Danish Better

This is a must. I have to force myself to speak Danish more often if I want to function 100% in Danish society, and especially if i want to reduce the feeling of being excluded in the middle of danish conversation.

4.Stay active and do sport

I’ve gotta be honest, I have been a lazy pig this year. I bought skating shoes, racket, bought gym membership….but nothing. I haven’t been fuckingly serious about exercising. As a result, i am getting weaker, can’t stand walking too long, and gained weight. I am not that a good diet-doer either, so if i am not serious about doing sport, I basically will commit suicide.

Common, Riska! Move your ass to the gym!

5. Challenge myself cooking Norwegian/ Danish foods

I got a fat thick Norwegian cooking book as a Christmas gift, plus I just got an iPad Air which gives me access to hundreds Danish dish recipes from the apps. Topped with the fact that I now live in Denmark, and want to save money by reducing buying foods from a take-away delivery, I am convinced that this challenge will satisfy the cultural, financial, culinary, and diets goals of mine.

In fact, I had done my first challenge:

1471747_10151909742431936_535618467_nPasta with smoked salmon and dill herbs in vinegar sauce. Of course, I put some asian touch in this norwegian dish: a spicy tomato sauce and japanese shiitake mushrooms. The beautiful lady on the book is Ingrid Espelid Hovig, a famous norwegian cook whose TV shows had successfully invited loves from millions of norwegians into mastering the traditional norwegian cooking.

But I am not like Julie on Julie & Julia movie, so I won’t force myself drilling 524 recipes in 365 days, and place my career and my marriage on the edge.

I just want to take it joyfully with no rush.

That’s All! Five fabulous resolutions for 2014. I hope they are doable enough for me.

Happy New Year 2014 everyone!


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