The Danish Government (again) Deported 1-Year-Old Danish Child

Mr.Andersen past sickness, which forced him to claim state’s support, was not his 1-year-old daughter’s fault.
She is just 1 year old and has to be separated from his own biological father.

The current SD coalition government can’t just keep blaming past Venstre-K-DF coalition’s nazi immigration law. We all understand that it is the excess of past law, and that was why citizens voted you two years ago to change the law, as soon and as effective as possible.

Please don’t be like a fire fighter, waiting the fire blazed first then discuss how to control it later when the damage has happened.

How come a criminal like Fez Fez from a trouble country, or an ethnic dane who brainwashed others danes to fight in Syria, could win danish citizenship, while this dane and his peaceful family have to lose it??

I don’t understand why your immigration law has to be suicidal to your own sake. Really…

People’s votes are your own promise. And human right is not a toy like political agenda at the parliament.
Change! Otherwise, trust is hard to be repaired.

Read the news here


2 thoughts on “The Danish Government (again) Deported 1-Year-Old Danish Child

    • I still love Denmark. But since I join a political party here, I got more involved to social affairs and grow care to express what I think could be better for the country Criticizing the government doesnt make me stop loving denmark. It is the apathy and the focus only on the negative that are signs of disinterest.

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