Things (Utterly Moronic) Annoyed Me This Week

Apparently and unfortunately, I met someone this week. A 100% scandinavian guy whose comments have annoyed me to the max.

Here are things he said which utterly moronic in my point of views:

1. He called me “a racist right-wing, despite me being a member of social democrat youth party” in Denmark.

Reason: because I criticized a young, physically healthy, and mentally capable person who does not (want to) work and yet, begging to the state for financial support.

Unbelievable! If it’s true that what I thought was a definition of right-wing extremist, then I better be. If begging, no working, and no contributing to the country are what define the left wings, then Scandinavia would have been sunk to the bottom of poverty by now due to being run by left wings for such a long time.  In fact, social democrat party and coalition in Denmark have evaluated many aspects of social support law this past one year, making it less easier to claim free money.

2.  He thought I was egoist because all social activities i do after work (language school and volunteering) are meant for nobody but me.

Well, yes, these activities are meant something for me. But, they also mean for other people. If I could speak Danish well in the future, I will function well in the society and can ease my contribution to the society. Besides, this means I actively support government’s integration program. And volunteering? Common! There are many ass holes out there who don’t even bother to lend a hand but think about their money and laziness.

3. Perhaps because of my confusing job title, he also thought that I didn’t provide value to the companies and thus, being paid for nothing. Duh, it’s not like he knows exactly what I am doing everyday.

…and many other more.

Disaster, I may have to meet him on regular basis in “certain” place (which i can’t tell). So I better learn to shut off from him.


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