Saturday Hangout: Pin Up Make Up

first stage applying pin up make up for Anna

first stage applying pin up make up for Anna

Yesterday, I spent my Saturday at my friend’s, Anna. She originally came from Poland and has been living in Copenhagen with his super nice boyfriend for more than 5 years. We know each other from our danish language school, and I could say that she is one of the sweetest girls i know in class.

So, last week, she contacted me for a help to do pin up make up for her since she had a party coming. I had no idea what this make up was, until i did some research on YouTube.

Basically a pin up make up is a style of make up which emphasizes on eyes’ contrast, boldness of black shadowy color, pale face touch with a light pink color on cheeks, and most of the most, a sexy hot red lips. A lot of pin up style is associated with 1940-50s american working style women, with a bandana and blue dress, an attire in factory that time.

Today’s modern pin up make up can be seen like this…

Here are gadgets and steps I used to touch up Anna:

1. Apply face moisturizer and followed by make up base, and then foundation evenly to all faces and neck.

2. Brush briefly loose powder to form a good light base before applying compact powder.

3. With a wet powder foam, apply compact powder to the entire faces and neck. Don’t forget the eye lids too. Finish with a light brush of loose powder.

4. Brush eyebrows, and draw them with eye brow pencil, depend on the current thickness of eye brow.

5. Prepare for different kind of eye shadow colors to create a smoky eye effect. I don’t represent any cosmetic brand, but I like Maybelline smokey eye set or the one from L’oreal.

To create a smokey effect, begin with the darkest color from the bottom of the eye lid, follow gradually with the less darker one; the lightest color is for the upper lid.

6. Eye liner plays an important role in pin up make up. Begin with applying black eye liner pencil, bold one to the entire upper lid, and a really fine line to the bottom eye line.

7. Apply jet black liquid eye liner on the top of the lines which we already drew with pencil. Form a wind or triangle shape on the end of the eye lines to create a dramatic effect.

8. Press the eye lashes with eye lashes clipper. Glue fake eye lashes if preferred. Follow by applying mega volumized mascara.

9. Apply a very thin line of light brown eye shadow on each of nose bone lines to sharpen the nose form.

10. Form an lip line and apply a sexy hot red lipstick, and touch up with lip gloss to give a glossy effect and cover the imperfectness.

Voila! Look at the result!


anna and a pin up make up


me and a pin up make up

This is my first time doing make up for someone else. I am quiet happy with the result. What do you think peeps?


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