Norwegian Cultural Evening

This was the event that pleased my eyes and ears. Yesterday night (and this is in Norway, so summer night here is light! that’s why they call it The Land of The Midnight Sun) I was invited by University of Oslo to join the Norwegian culture evening. As a fan of Nordic culture, I would never miss this chance to enjoy the program which included the folk dancers from the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, the Norwegian folktales reading, more Norwegian folksongs, and interestingly this event also allowed me to get a glimpse of Sami culture, another native culture exists in Norway.

The dancers, men and women, girls and boys, were wearing Bunad (traditional Norwegian clothes) from southern Norway of Kristiansand and dancing several happy group dances, including Halling from the area in Norway named Halligdal. The event was followed by an enchanting folkstory reading from our professor in Norwegian Life and Society, Margaret O’Leary, who, with her fascinated traditional Norsk accent, read us the story about the three bothers in Norway who tried to make attemps to silent the super talkative princess…and as fairytales, the one who could silent her would be able to marry and crown for the half of the kingdom. Norway is a country which preserves many folk abd myth tales of the old Gods…Odin…Tor…and many other kings.

Watch the videos of the dances, that I recorded, here:


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