Cooking Chicken Bitterballen

Today, I just did my experience cooking bitterballen, a Dutch snacks made of chicken with the shape of balls. It turns out perfect; below is the recipe, Enjoy!


500 grams of chickens; minced
1 and 1/2 table spoons of Maizena flour
2 table spoons of bread crumps
1 egg
Corn Oil
1 piece of champignon mushroom
Dices of onions and onion leaves

How to make:

1. Shape the minced chicken into balls/round shapes (500 grams of chickens can make to 11 medium size balls). Boil them into boiling water for about 10-15 minutes. Pour some salts.

2. Cool down the fresh boiling chicken balls for about 5 minutes..

3. Let’s prepare the coatings. Place the maizena flours, bread crumbs, and egg into three separate bowls.

4. Add pepper and salt with to the maizena flour.

5.Coat each chicken balls into flour, then egg, then finish with bread crumps.

6. Heat up corn oil on the frying pan. And deep fried the coated chicken balls. When they turn golden, place them on the ruck surface to lessen the excess oil. Voila the chicken bitterballen is done!

7. Let’s prepare the thick gravy: Dice mushroom, onion and its leaves. Place in the small bowl.

8. Add a teaspoon of maizena flour, 3 table spoons of egg, and 1/4 glass of soy sauce to the diced mushroom and onions. Stir till a bit gooey.

9. Heat up a small cube of butter on the flat pan and pour the gravy dough. Stir about 10 minutes.

10. Leave the cooked gravy on the small bowl and mix it with cold mayonnaise.

11. Place the bitterballen on the plate decorated with French lettuce and scoop the gravy on the side of the plate.

Your Bitterballen is now ready to be enjoyed!
Goodluck with the cooking 🙂

p.s. This is for my Facebook album of “Tasty, Healthy, & Affordable Foods for Students who Live Alone”. The bitterballen cost about $2 to make.



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