Attending Norwegian Wedding in West Norway

I knew it has been too long, but i am still excited to share this experience. Back in summer June 2013, me and my husband were invited to attend a wedding of my husband’s cousin in Dale, West Norway. Imagining that we would have seen a beauty fjord and rustic unspoiled part of Norway, we couldn’t wait to go there. The journey was taken on road, driving from east, where my husband family’s live, to west Norway, where my husband’s dad grew up in the area called Åskvoll, a neighborhood of Dale.

my husband and his family on a ferry to Dale

I carried a pretty maxi dress (800 kr from French Moda) and a pair of 10 cm high-heels, which i regretted so much as the journey to the wedding involved ferry passing, not mentioning the location was in kind of ranch area, with wet grass and outdoor spots. I was like “Right, Riska! You think a wedding in West Norway would be a ball room dance??”.

Anyway, I survived 😛

At 10.00 in the morning, guesses started to come. It was obvious that the bride’s side had so many invites and expanded family. Stacks of gives for norwegian cultures means that they have to write a thank-you note one by one to each giver, non digitally. I had been in that shoes before…

By the way, Dale is the hometown of the bride and the ceremony was held at her parent’s home in a beautiful valley of Dale. Her groom, whom is my husband’s cousin, lives in Åskvoll, where me and my husband’s big family stayed during the wedding.

a view from my husband’s aunty’s home in Åskvoll

The wedding pair invited a humanistic-marriage leader, and its wedding promise was repeated after under humanistic code of conduct. No religion. No non-sense. This is something that quiet becoming more and more a custom among young people in Norway, leaving Christian church wedding and opt for humanist one or at the court (just like I did 🙂 )

Good that the weather at that day shined as if smiling for the newly weds and friends.

A bride and her dad walking to the altar

a humanist leader married the bride and the groom

so sweet…

After waiting about 3 hours, the party finally proceeded: a dinner, dance, and sing which will last until all night long. This dining place was also held in a big wooden building which somehow looked like a huge grain storage turned into a functional banquet.

And here we go, the most thing i had been waiting for: a set of finesse course made by a professional norwegian cooking team.

The opening course: Creame earthcook soup and rice king  crab

The opening menu in norwegian NyNorsk is called “Forrett”. The chef and his team offered “Krema jordskokksuppe og rita kongekarbbe” or creamy artichoke soup and soft kongekarbbe, topped with a cheese stick on the top. Delicious, smooth, and creamy are three words i could give for this forrett.


The first meal in NyNorsk is called “Mellomrett”. This time my white decadent board was decorated with “Fjellrøye med blomkålkrem” or mountain trout with cauliflower cream, and yes you can eat the purple primula flower on this side as well. This dish was not my top favorite, but i would still call it ok-taste.


“Hovudrett” or main of course of the day was “Rosasteikt kalvefilet med nykål og soppragu” or roasted calve fillet with cabbage and soppragu. The calve was tenderly roasted. The sauce was delicious, and the vegetables were perfectly boiled. I put 90/100 for this main course.


Finally, the dessert is here: “Creme Brulee med frukt i sesong” or Creme brulee with seasonal fruits. Norway is a cold country, so only in summer people can enjoy their seasonal fruits like varieties of berries. Pretty much, I like the brulee, though it had a little bit too strong sweet for my taste.

During the meal, the bride, groom, and parents of the two delivered speech to the guests. There I learned that Norwegians knock the table as a request to the newly wed to climb on chairs and kiss, – also kicking the floor so that the weds go down under the table and kiss there. There was also snake chain of girls guest kissing the groom’s cheek, and vice versa for the bride.

Quiet full after meals, the party continued with drinking and dancing time, where the bride and groom invited local band to perform.

Before my fery left to Åskvoll around 2 am, there was a soup prepared for guests. The journey back to Åskvoll was a cold, heavily rain, one. I arrived wet and continued sleep like a hungover cat.

Congratulation Stine & Svein-Erik! And thank you for inviting me, enjoying western norway and be your guest!


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