Moral Control & Moral Police in Scandinavia (& UK)

Moralkontrol & moralpoliti i Oslo nabolag.
Mange er flyttet fra deres hjemmeland så kan de bor under humanistisk lov, men faktisk er religios-kontrol kommer efter dem stadig.
Kom nu! Norge er ikke Saudia Arabia, Afghanistan, eller Indonesien.

Læse et Iranien par som oplever det.

(Moral control & moral police in Oslo neighborhood. Many has moved from their homeland to live under humanist law, but in fact, still, religious control always comes after them. Come on! Norway is not Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, or Indonesia).

Read an Iranian couple who experiences this. News in Norwegian only.

Many perhaps get me wrong. Yes i do agree that there is discrimination to muslims in Scandinavia. However, this goes both way. As a person who was born and grew up in a predominantly muslim country, I have seen and experienced how some types of muslims can be so aggressive forcing their sharia law to others, especially their fellow immigrants, and more especially immigrants from pre-dominantly muslim countries. Sometimes i just don’t get it, why many muslims left their problematic islamic republic countries behind to other more peaceful places, just to bag and establish the same fundamental problem.

My husband is currently debating with members from Det Kaldet til Islam in Copenhagen, a radicalist islamic group which aims to establish khilafah (islamist) country, has called people in distortion festivals in Copenhagen devils for not behaving as islam teaches, and planned to recruit gangster youth to their organization so that these youth can find better way (which in fact it’s a plan to build paramilitary).

I am fine with people believing whatever religion they want to believe, but chillax…just keep and eat it yourself.

Apparently moral police like this is not only happening in Norway, but also in UK which has escalated to even larger social tension, from honor killing to hidden law implementation of shariah court.


illegal stickers placed in many areas in London, UK


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