Road Trip East to West Norway

A week ago, my husband, his family, and I did a road trip crossing east to west Norway. We began from Årnes and the eastern part of the country which is popular with its agriculture land, and finished our journey in Askvoll, a very small area in the west (600 people in central Askvoll, and 3000 in its greater area),  where my father-in-law was born.

I found paradise on earth, from the longest fjord in the world, the pure turquoises water, 20 km long tunnel, to the place where trees are no longer grow – the highest mountain in Norway (2,405 m from sea level).

The language is also different. The easterners speak Bokmål while the westerners develop NyNorsk. Both are beautiful, but i found that it was easier for the westerners to understand my Danish. Some of their dialects apparently caught the same rhythm like Danish language.

Norway is indeed a beautiful country. I want to go back to the mountain and fjord again for rock climbing and camping.

Here are my shots from the journey.

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