Copenhagen, the most liveable city in the world – 2013


Bicycle is my plane. I feel happy when I ride it around my city, Copenhagen. It takes only 20 mins to my office by bike.

At the back of my apartment, there lies a green park in the shape of roman amphitheater, plus a small lake where I usually sit with my book, enjoying the breeze and many types of birds and swans.

Copenhagen is always full of festivals. It’s the life for me who always into activities.

Not mentioning international community which has shaped plenty of world around eateries and restaurants. From kebab to sushi. It’s a typical activities, eating out, for many copenhageners during the weekend.

Yes, there are always bad people (wherever we go), but i am too busy remembering those people, a friendly danish neighbor who opened the gate for me and my bike, a nice Indian bus drive who waited for me when i rushed to his bus, a sweet geeky look danish lady who couldn’t stop chatting with me at the bus and eventually asked me to teach her “candy crush saga” game on her phone, – the people who have colored my life so warm, despite denmark being a cold climate country.

A sustainable and rich culture city, Copenhagen makes me smile.

Congratulation Copenhagen for being awarded as the most liveable city in the world in 2013 by Monocle magazine!

With love,



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