Copenhagen Photo Festival

It is likely no Copenhagen without festival.  In this month of June alone, at least 10 different festivals, from Copenhagen Theater to Copenhagen Pride, are being held in the city. The more things going on in Copenhagen, the better it is, because as a member of CPH volunteer, I can participate in different events as many as I could.

In this past two weeks I had been volunteering as an info assistant for Copenhagen Photo Festival, guiding visitors who both came from Denmark and all the way abroad. The festival was held all around the city of Copenhagen, but the place where I was stationed was only at Ny Carlsberg Vej, where most historical Carlsberg (yes, the beer) buildings, including the first brewery center, were turned into exhibition places, compilating as “The Photo City” since Ny Carlsberg Vej is quiet a large complex.

During the session, I was paired with another volunteer, one was a woman from Hong Kong who works at MAERSK and another one was a Swedish girl who works as researcher in Copenhagen. As a photography enthusiast, it was a pleasure for me to be able to enjoy great collection from Danish photographers.

Here are some shots I took from the festival:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

CPH volunteer is an organization where foreigners and Danes meet as volunteers in this country. We are not always volunteering. Sometimes CPH volunteer organize lectures and tours for us, from “Danish Democracy” class to “First Aid workshop” to equip us becoming a good first helper in an emergency. Check its website here


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