Summer in Oslo

Oslo is the capital city of Norway. It is not as big as other Scandinavian capitals, but home to many nationalities and cultures. Spending summer in Oslo can be tricky; either you will get a bright sunny day (with of course some chills) or completely grey and rainy. Oslo city is divided into two sides, the east and the west, by one famous river named Aker river and when you meet Oslo people, they will be very keen to tell you from which part of the city they come from. The western part of Oslo is the area where many Norwegians reside. This is also a relatively richer place which you can tell by the design and the painting of the house (If the house is painted on white, the owner is rich. If it is on red, the owner is so-so or maybe they are in the period of saving money :P). The eastern part of Oslo is a packed block for many immigrants: the Pakistanis, the Middle-Easterns, the Africans, the Chinese, the Philippinos, and many other. Many people from the Philippine come to Oslo to work or join their migrant families, and since I likely shared their face, I have been so many times being thought as Philippinas, which I am not. Hehehhehhe…

Oslo is also a shopping and a governmental capital in Norway. From 4 million population in Norway, more than 600,000 inhabitants live in Oslo area. It is also a home for the oldest and the largest university in Norway, University of Oslo. I have been here many many times and I never get bored to explore more corners of this city – it’s my second home. Check out some of my shots while traveling around Oslo this summer:


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