Happy Birthday to Me

Google just impersonated  this greeting for me!

Google just impersonated this greeting for me!

It’s going to be the 28th of May in few minutes. Despite few people have congratulated me earlier due to time difference by 6 hours between Jakarta and Copenhagen, it will all be the same, I am turning 25 eventually.

I remember in the same day, last year, I was all alone in my little rent room in Jakarta, wondering if all process of immigration would work.

Things certainly have changed, situation speaking. I am no longer feeling alone or oppressed, as there is my husband who will always be there for me, and obviously, no more direct news or witnessing religious violence in daily basis. Things have changed. So much that the only thing I could describe now is I am 25 and free. This freedom, freedom from fear, is the most valuable thing I have ever felt and possessed as a human being.


What do I wish for my birthday this year? Plenty, but realistic. I will probably list stuff that I haven’t managed yet from 2013 new year’s resolution:

1. Fluent in speaking Danish –> I know I learn Danish slowly, but considering how my Danish was 8 months ago when I just landed in this small country, my current skill is actually pretty OK. I am not confident yet in speaking actively in Danish, just short conversation. However, I realized how much I now understand Danish (around 60%) in most TV show, news, and newspaper, which is amazing. I wish more Danes would like to speak Danish to me, and reply slowly, but don’t reply in English.

2. Move to a larger apartment (if possible, buy ejerlejlighed) –> Checked. Just bought it in the beginning of May. The biggest birthday present ever. Don’t remind me that it is on mortgage.

3. Perform well and better in my job –> In my perspective, I have tried my best in designing what I am expected to do. It’s all coming back to the top levels for speed and execution. I may need some motivation and a little brain-freshing activity such as seminar or conference.

4. Do sport, stay active, and in shape –> Frack! I am very very bad when it comes to this. I must MUST exercise, or at least being a bi-weekly vegetarian to balance in-and-out calories in my body.

5. No stress –> I think I am getting good at confronting this hideous hidden modern disease. Yes, indeed, I went to visit my psychologist couple months ago. Work and private-life related. But things have been good since. I am getting focus on what I do, and most of the most, learning not to take things personally.

Some people said that birthday is the same as a reduction of our living years in the world. Then, I’d like to spend my time as a happy, confidence person, and useful for the society around me. Being 25, I am already married to a wonderful husband and having a nice small apartment in a great city of Copenhagen. Plus, finally residing in Denmark is just such a life-changing decision for me. Now, I just have to re-figure out my passion, a passion that I can develop into a career in this country, into a determination that will elevate the charm in me.

Happy birthday to me…in Danish we say, “Tillykke!”

In Denmark, it is a custom to bring cake to workplace or school in your birthday. Sure, I am excited to try the same, only this time I will do it in Asian way: made sesame glutinous balls with sweet red been!


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