You Still Can If You Believe!

It was an afternoon at Global Changemaker British Council: Asian Youth Summit 2011. The ambience was as energizing as the scortchy hot New Delhi. The main menu of the day was a guest lecture from Suhas Gopinath, a young entrpreneur from India. He ain’t no ordinary entrepreneur. Suhas started his company, Globals Inc, focuses on ICT service, at 16 years old. Since no law in India at that time that allows man as young as 16 years old to create a company, he fled to California, US and established his company there. Now at the age of 24, he is one of the most successful entrepreneur with branch offices in eleven countries. He mentioned that he was a drop-out (Ahhh why many successful business people always drop out from school: Bill Gates, Zuckenberg…and now Suhas; mmm…maybe it’s a particular hidden tips). One of his words that i couldn’t forget was “In India, if you don’t have degree, you cannot get married (because no parents will let their daughters to marry “unfuture” man)”. Silly, look at Suhas…! Allright, this is me and Suhas’ picture during the summit, and beloved Benjamin from Singapore on the left.

During lunch he shared his experience and some business hints. First, setting a company in US is easy (on the legal part). For about $100 you can register your even non brick-and-mortar company (pretty much like Yahoo! or Facebook in origins) and we may find agent to make it easier. Of course, the real cost if we want to set up factories, offices, and real production lines, is gonna be expensive. This smooth standard is what makes entrepreneurship spreads like mushroom, particularly for invention sectors.

Another thing that I really want to share is about the most inspiring video that Suhas shared in the end of his lecture. It’s about dream and entrepreneurship, titled “You Still Can If You Belief” created by ADCOM JCI Animation and listed at Malaysian young motivator web page Check this out and be inspired (ps. i love the music background):




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