When I was 5, I was lost from my parents in the middle of botanical garden because I easily having my world when exploring things I am interested in during my walks. When I was 8, my mom was mad because I didn’t manage to go home before night as I escaped to another city on the bus with strangers. When I was 9, the school car driver complained to my mom as I often escaped with my best friend to go to or from school alone, exploring new alleys we found in town.

I know adventure is in my blood and I never afraid of many things.

My mom gave up. And one day, my dad said prior to my leave to America, that I was free to go to the north pole if I wanted to!

Since then, I couldn’t stop my self staying in one same place too long; I don’t mind if I don’t earn as much as investment bankers or those who work at financial markets as long as it requires me to Move, Eat, and Learn. Exactly  three things which the following videos will show you how wonderful traveling around the world is.

I will never stop traveling. It is my world. 🙂

p.s. Thanks to Sean, my Singaporean friend who recommended the link and motivate my days with these wonderful videos.

This blog was originally posted in August 22, 2011. I, in fact, has moved out from my country of origin and live in the northern sphere of the world, Denmark. 

A series of three minute-long travel films titled “MOVE,” “EAT,” and “LEARN” by independent filmmaker Rick Mereki have become an internet sensation virtually overnight.

Check the other two videos, EAT and LEARN on the following links:

“Move” will make you want to jump off your seat and hit the road. “Eat” will have you have you heading to the international isle at the supermarket. “Learn” will leave you smiling and wishing there were more videos.

The catchy, life-affirming music doesn’t hurt either.

The name alludes to the popular book-cum-Hollywood film “Eat, Pray Love,” however many are calling these lightning-fast videos much more inspirational.

Mereki traveled with two friends, DOP Tim White and Actor Andrew Lees, to 11 countries in 44 days, shooting the three short films. They caught 18 flights, traveling 38 thousand miles with two cameras that shot almost a terabyte of footage.


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