Sean’s Guide in Getting Wife: Model, Maid, and Prostitute

One day in Japan with DYEA (Denso Youth for Earth Action) 2010 participants, I was sitting on the bus, next to Sean. He is from Singapore, a graduate student in environmental engineering. We have been talking lately about many things, including private conversations (well i am not sure…); it is just because he’s pretty comfortable guy to talk to; he knows when to talk and when to listen, and he could get easily in to with many kinds of conversations (i don’t know maybe it was just co-accidentally we got things known in common). So, I would say he’s one of nice ones I befriended in DYEA.

Anyway, on that night (still on the bus), we talked about his family, how easy going his mom, and things that he perceived when it comes into dating and marrying. Despite all freedom I encountered which make me suspicious that few guys left virgin in this universe, he’s one of those few.

However, all of sudden the pictures disappeared for some minutes when he suddenly came up with the idea of an ideal wife. I called it “Sean’s Guide in Getting Wife” (gee, he better write psychology book about it). Basically, an ideal wife should be able to role three roles on three different domains at the same time. It is called Wife’s Triple Bottom Line.

First, at home, a wife is expected to be a maid; able to cook good food, take care children, cleaning the house, and all chores. Second, in outdoor (outside the home), an ideal wife is expected to be a model; look beautiful, positively well known, mannered, and success. Lastly, in bed, an ideal wife is expected to be a prostitute; look sexy, know how to satisfy her husband, knowledgeable in sex.

Aren’t those awesome? YES!

And when it comes to the inclusion of those three domains in the same time, I believe only the luckiest man who is able to get that rarely type of wife.

There is an opposite theory of the above ideal wife theory: an awful wife. First, at home, an awful wife is a model; the one who could do nothing motherhood’s but make up and complaining about her abundance of clothing. Second, in outdoor (outside home) an awful wife is hahahahaaa…a prostitute (you know what i mean? flirting with other guys and so). Lastly, on bed, an awful wife is a maid, the one who knows nothing about art of sex for her husband.

This triple bottom line in choosing wife is as hard as the impossible trinity in economic, but there is always someone out there who got a skill to be an ideal wife or worse, an awful one.

Thanks Sean for sharing with me this theory.


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