Kelsey Twitchell

kelsey and i in 2006

It was my second month living in United States as a high school student. I was putting my stuff in my locker and suddenly I have heard voice of dislike. “Ooohh you. I hate you because you have a nice ass!”, a blonde girl just about my height and my age stood in front of me and gone in a minute after she said her stand point. I had no idea what she wanted. I tried not to be really care about it, but my stigma that “Mean Girls” movie is gonna happened in this high school was bothering me a lot.

Until I knew that girl’s name is Kelsey Twitchell, who always be in the same school bus with me and lived nearby Greenlake. Things that I always noticed on her was she always surrounded by Asians. She was different with typical white Americans who liked to gather at the same spots during lunch, ASB room. Ultimately, she become one of my good friend during my stay in United States.

All I want to say is Kelsey Twitchell is such a cool person I have ever met and all drama happened in front of my school locker was just her way of joking. In America they call it, being sarcastic. She turned to be one of my good mate in second semester when we were in the same theater musical class. We played “Little Shop of Horror” and grouped in the same Doo Wop girl group with her and Corrie Lazar. We were all seniors. She had great voice and very funny. She introduced me with her Asian friends such as Saphy and Amy, and Catherine. Amy and Catherine were in the same contemporary world issues class with me, but I just never really got to know them until I befriended with Kelsey. Overall, she loves Asian and one of the most famous quote of her was “Marry Asian. Asians are hot. Don’t marry white guys because they will divorce you within three months.” Though she has white boyfriend now. “Well, people changed” she replied.

She pretty much changed my last six-month stay in United States before I went back to Indonesia. I had no idea what my social life would be if she was not there. My dream to at least got American friends came true since I always hung out with my exchange students friends. She was my savior during my hard time of breaking up with Michael somewhere in May 2006. “He is just not your friend anymore” Kelsey calmed me down when I frustratingly wondering why Michael avoided and looked in disgusted way on me whenever I was around him at school. Did not know who to talk, I spent most of my time hang out at her house, which was close to my host family’s home, so not only it saved time after got home by school bus, but also save money. We watched Korean movies and chatted in her bed room. I still could not believe the girl I saw with black fairy costume on Halloween’s trick or treat was now my friend.

I don’t know if she still remember our time, but every single minute I spent with her is glued to my memory. When she gave me her pink tank top because that shirt was too small for her till parts of her breast was shown or when she fried green apple which become my ultimate emergency recipe if I am hungry now. From her I could understand that same-sex marriage is fine since her parents are all woman. The time we spent on our few last days in US also very memorable. There was day when I, her, Amy, Catherine, Saphy,  Truong played with some other Asian friends in the playground. Day when we hung out at Macy’s. Day when we had Jonny Rockets’ hamburger with Devin. And last day before my departure, she helped me cleaning up my stuff in my bed room, she put on my shorts. I gave some Indo magazines which I thought she wanted it, but I was not sure since she kept complaining about how thin Indonesian girls on the magazine’s cover were (definitely I was not included). It was sad. But then we met again on the airport before I headed to Washington for return orientation; she was just about to go to Japan.

I love her and hope that I could meet her again.

-Love you, Kelsey!

p.s. This blog was originally written in January 18, 2010.We met again at one reunion in early January 2011.

Kelsey is the middle one with white jacket.


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