No to Religion

We were at the little mermaid statue, Copenhagen, enjoying weekend before two missionaries (one blonde and one asian) came approached me.

A & B (missionaries): Hi, Philippina? (oh please, this is 1000x people asked if I was philippina).

C (me): No.

A & B: Are you a tourist?

C: No. I live here. Why are you guys doing here?

A & B: Actually we’re here to talk about bible.

C: Sorry, but I’m not interested with religion & recruitment.

A & B: Do you respect bible? (asking my husband)

D (my husband): Depend on what you meant with “respect”. I respect bible just like other books. I don’t believe in god.

A & B: So, you didn’t see the prophecy behind bible.

D: Bible was written by human. So does other religious books.

A & B: Yes, but the writing on it was inspired by god.

D: You meant inspired by “the voice inside man’s head” (and that we have to believe this voice?).

A & B: So, how do you then coping with your life if you don’t believe in god?

D: Existence. I don’t need god or anything unreal to guide life.

C: (I smiled, and scored 1-0 for my husband. I had made a risky effort to free myself from islam due to violent nature I had to endure in Indonesia. No more looking backward. So far me and my husband have been living in peace without this. Better & happier).

D: Damn those scavengers!


For information, knocking people’s house for missionary or sales is illegal in Denmark. It is also illegal to play sound of praying call on mosque towers as generally seen in pre-dominantly muslim countries.

At a one-on-one talk with a therapist, I shared that one of the reasons I moved to Denmark is for safety. My husband is a non-believer,and living in Indonesia with no religion to confirm would be a great danger for my family.

To me, no religious group is more exclusive than other organizations — they’re not holly; it’s just their unproven claim to make themselves sacred and position themselves higher than others in society (that’s why their history is so brutal and full of violence); so why should there be exist law against blasphemy?

From my experience living in Indonesia, people argued that bad images on islam was mixed with cultural confusion.

My point: the culture when islam was created was full of wars, spreading their wings across continents, defeating many tribes to then force them to confess that islam’s god was the only god…this is the origin of this religion.¬†Religion was created among particular type of cultures, and when the culture was violent, so does the reflection of its created religion.

People argued that bad images on islam was mixed with politic.

My point: islam is politic, a right-wing politic: pinpointing what society and individual have to do and run the way of life, from dressing to eating to leadership. It is a politic. So, a country like Indonesia which chose to implement double standard of law: portion under civil law and portion others under sharia, eventually face the unstoppable riots and chaos, especially when the radicalist don’t regard civil law as law to block their violent action.

Stronger effect than political promise or other means of sales force, but worst than even a political party: once one subscribed to islam (and maybe other religions), he cannot quit or else he has to find way to secure himself from death or social threat.

Since the death of muhammad, there has been unclear decision, who speaks for islam.

That’s why many self-appointed islamic scholars such as Bin laden, ayatollah khomeni, and Islamic defender front (FPI –in Indonesia) try to challenge people in their countries: “Are you the real muslim? If yes, you have to follow what I said (fatwa)” — If not, you’d be dead as it is against their wills.

Some said, I’d better silent as this matter may touch issue of discrimination over one religion. But I’d say, when one religion has dragged it too much, misusing “freedom of speech” to curb others’ freedom, then it’s no longer a matter of discrimination or racism; it becomes a matter of justice.

Now one may choose: being superficially tolerant or stop tolerating the intolerance?

After all, genocide happened because the peaceful society remained in silent, apathetic, or pretended that the problem was not there. And then they realized that things were too late…we had seen enough.

So for me, enough is enough. I have seen and been mentally tortured enough. And I am enlightened already, leaving religion to the past.

Love & humanity have no religion and to no-nonsense I stand.


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