Feel Fabulous Massage in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, a beautiful city and the heart of Scandinavia (though Stockholm people may not agree about this last claim). With more than 1 million inhabitants, including greater Copenhagen area, the city culture has been famously dynamic and international. Encountering kebab parlors is as easy as entering world-class bakery and gorging Danish smørrebrød. The city is so busy, and as part of Copenhagen working ecosystem, I sometimes miss the beauty of exploring it, mostly due to being tired from work, plus Danish class, plus other after office activities. The company I work at is a Danish one, a review collector of other online companies, and with its extensive network it is very normal that we receive special offers from other business (typically bar, but as a non-heavy drinker, I rarely benefit from it). Until… there was an invigorating message came across my corporate e-mail one day:

Happy Friday!! Feeling fatigued in the new year!  Resolve to treat your body better.
Just a friendly reminder that we have a special offer for the employees for the month of January.  TRANQUILLE is offering  a 25 minute massage for only DKK125 in the Østerbro location.
(NOTE that it’s no longer applied )
Just send an email to  Catherine Vi Clausen – catherineviclausen@gmail.com to secure an appointment  and start feeling more relaxed!

I tried one massage at another clinic in Copenhagen before; fantastic…both quality and price, where I ended up with DKK 450 on my bill 😦 . So, when I knew this January offer from Tranquille, I rightly signed up for it.

Tranquille is private massage house owned by Catherine, and when I wrote house, it’s really a house of her, a little apartment beautifully located in Østerbro. It’s a registered firm, but Catherine decided to run it organically from her place.

I was greeted with a big Asian smile and welcome treatment from Catherine, a warm service & gratitude Denmark often miss. Coming all the way from The Philippine more than 10 years ago, it is quiet impressed me that she speaks flawless Danish and had been educated in software engineering at IT-University of Copenhagen. She shared about this life-parts while massaging (a typical women’s chit-chat during massage), which made me silently shock…wow her massage skill is really good (she is a trained therapist) and she is a software engineer!

Catherine is very skillful in deep-tissue massage, and a compromised one when her patient is screaming from pain. As someone who has been piling stress from work and personal stuff, my body is easily defending itself by tensing up when an external power tries to let in. I remember from one session (not the one with Catherine), the person who massaged me said that I need to reduce my stress, otherwise my body will start to give in. Years I have not been taking care of my body happiness, and it must be so hard for Catherine to lose in my muscles.

The first day at Tranquille was a challenge for her, where I focused 25 minutes just for my back pain. To me massage is not only about the quality, but also about how comfortable I am with the person who massages me. And Catherine has been personally really good in both. So, I came there again and again for my back and hand, and full-body massage. A happy returning customer.

The ambiance of the room she has is my favorite. Far away from clinical look, she turned her living room as a massage place, with one massage bed, a sofa and small table for conversation. She also lighted up candles in all corners, plus a scented oil burned, creating a relaxing atmosphere across the room. In the end of massage session, she will prepare aromatic tea to stimulate the patient to urinate as parts of post-massage detoxification, especially in the winter (well, we hardly sweat in minus 4 degree Celsius temperature).

She gives a personal care, stretching beyond typical massage clinic I have been in Copenhagen. Don’t be surprise when she gives you an easy-to-do-at-home-exercise with floor-mopping stick or a pair of rubber balls.

Everytime I walk out from Tranquille, I feel more relaxed and can’t wait to get more massage. Something I learn from her tips: I bombarded my apartment room with scented oil and lights it up with candles, including the bathroom.

To book massage, you may click here http://tranquille.simplybook.me/index/about. There is another February promo.

Enjoy the day!


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