Eurovision 2013 Ticket is Sold Out! :(

IMG_1977I wished I knew it earlier…

Call me cheesy, but since I watched Eurovision 2012 winner performance, Loreen, I was kind of attracted to watch this European singing contest, which weirdly held in Baku, Azerbaijan last year (Azerbaijan…?! Daa…it’s not Europe, maybe in the future Eurovision will be held in China).

Not until today where i visited Malmø, Sweden, I knew that Eurovision 2013 will be celebrated in this city…just half an hour from Copenhagen!

I was freaking excited to see the entire Malmø being advertised with Eurovision 2013 banners, until my heart was broken when I finally checked the website and found out that the ticket for all shows were sold out… 😦

Bye bye Eurovision 2013. Hopefully Denmark will win this year, so I can watch the event right here from my newly adopted country.

Kæmpe super, Emmelie de Forest for representing Denmark in Eurovision this year.

Watch her performance here:


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