Escapade to Malmø, Sweden


My husband and I were feeling bored recently. We need some new changes environment. Our small cubic apartment is too intense in leveraging our constant life in Denmark. We need to travel somewhere, just for a quick short escapade.

Malmø? A very southern part of Sweden, in this very cold and windy winter? Why not??! Besides, it’s only half an hour by Øresund train (and I never take this train before), and it’s relatively cheaper in Sweden (that’s why the Norwegian and Danish do monthly grocery shopping to Sweden).

So, here we go: Two young newly wed couple and their escapade to Sweden.

It felt really exciting for me taking Øresund train (probably not really for the Swedes who live in Malmø area, and commute everyday to work in Copenhagen). The best part was crossing the sea strait between Sweden and Denmark, and witnessed the magnificent windmills farms lining on the ocean (i don’t know why but I am obsessed with windmills). Although, I noticed that the sea turns freaking icy freezed…wusshh…the hope that our escapade to Sweden wouldn’t be a wrong one.

It cost DKK 295 for 2-persons-return ticket on Øresund family ticket–cheap!

Arriving at Malmø was a quiet impressive moment. The train station is rather small compared than the Copenhagen central station (of course!), but it looks quiet modern for a small city like Malmø.

IMG_1959 IMG_1962 IMG_1964

I dedicated this day just to relax, plus to release my stress from day-to-day work in Copenhagen. So, i asked my husband a favor to arrange the tour. First, he took me walking to see the tallest building in Malmø, apparently a lingering tower, uniquely designed, and used as a residence for of course, jet-setters.

the tallest building in malmø

We needed a break to get warm after walking opposing wind direction, so we entered to an attractive ekologist/environmentally friendly supermarket: “Green”, located just next to the lingering tower. It was obviously a supermarket for high-end market. I could obviously see from the quality products it offered and the display of items which were selective but plenty and nice. It may be addressed for the high-end market in Sweden, but accustomed to Danish price, I was shocked when I entered “Green”: goddamned cheap for quality selections like these. My husband’s eyes couldn’t glare enough when he saw arrays of butter and cheese listing on the shelf, “this is what i called butter, different selections, placed by types and sizes!”. I wish Føtex, Netto, Super Brugsen can provide us with good quality products like the ones in Green (too bad Netto just pledged to import more products from Eastern Europe to compete for price 😦 ).


And I found nice Asian products too!


Plus, chili chocolate?


Next stop, we walked rushly to Gamla stan (translated in Swedish: “old town”), the old part of the city but apparently turned as the downtown and shopping center. Planning to eat dinner, we were disturbed by the presence of sex-toy shop, which made our hunger delayed for a while. Instead, we were busy spending time at the shop to get some “gadgets” 😀


funny statues at gamla stan

There was a nice Italian restaurant located around big circle of gamla stan. I forgot the name, “picolo”…something” maybe..but with kind of service it gives and tasty foods around 130 kronor, this was a great deal for us, remembering we wouldn’t get the same ones with the same price in pricey Copenhagen.

Pasta and Risotto for the day…mama mia!


Nicely decorated restaurant…


We didn’t explore too much as our purpose was to enjoy ourselves and relax that day,shopped some aromatherapy candles, books, and hash chocolate (don’t worry…in sweden, this kind of has is not the one that is dangerous and can make you high–the government of Sweden legitimate this kind of hash, which I don’t know what kind it is, to be contained as food ingredients 🙂 ) …oh yeahh!


We were happy and enjoy this day! And for sure we want another escapade…perhaps Hamburg?


4 thoughts on “Escapade to Malmø, Sweden

  1. Thank you for this post! My boyfriend and I are exactly the same case, looking for close destinations to relax in the weekends. I will follow your advice about Malmo but if you go to any other similar trips, I would love to hear some extra ideas! Have a nice day!

    • Hi, thank you for leaving comment. I checked your blog as well and fall in love with some pictures you posted. Sure, i will share more about escapade me and my husband do. Kindly follow my blog 🙂

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