Back to The Office

My office outfit is not so formal, eh…?

So here I am. Freshly arrived 2 weeks ago at my office in Copenhagen after another 2 weeks off for Christmas break in Norway.

Working at an extremely growing IT start-up requires extra endurance to hold multiple hats to address dynamic changes in the industry. This quiet affected my holiday, as I could not really say that my last Christmas break was a complete break. I felt often unrest and worried: i had to check my corporate task panel everyday to read and listen customers’ complaints and requests (and because we’re B2B, clients tend to demand aggressively around Christmas due to high season of shopping of their customers), set my own agenda to improve my 2013 performance, and responded to internal request including e-mail from my upper managers or CEO to finish stuff). Because the job i have now is a solemn position, I could not easily share it to other co-workers, which means only me who quiet understand it. So yah…my mother-in-law began to notice that I could not really well rest during the holiday, especially when she began to wonder: “Do you get paid to do this during holidays?”. I just smiled and murmured “Unfortunately not”.

I keep telling myself that first year of working may exploit condition of working beyond job task and scope. It is a testing year, perhaps.

When I arrived to my office 2 weeks ago, to begin my very first day in 2013, I was already surprised with the relocation of mine from support to product development. It is understandable decision as my work is related to product management which has been neglected for a while in the company and needs serious attention to take care. I need tech people, product developers, who understand the query and data base, some specs, and programming.

I would say that working for a short while with support department has been a great experience. So far, this department is known to me as a very helpful, resourceful, and kind. Yes kind. As a newbie, receiving kindness is very important in order to feel being part of the team.

Now, I am being moved to the new department: product development; sitting around the god and goddess of programming and design graphic. As an IT company, technology and product are the heart of the company.

This has made me a person which literally being split into two, half to support for customers and half to product design (though officially I am now under a new department). Then I began to sense new environment: most people here are long time existing employees which possibly make the company in trouble if something bad/ dangerous happen to them as knowledge and critical information are perfectly stored in their brilliant brains (hopefully one day there will be comprehensive Knowledge Management System).

My IT knowledge is way incomparable compared than my co-workers in this new department, and sometimes I can feel there is a difference in terms of perspectives in technology & product developments people and the rest department, often due to a difference between technology and what market wants. But here it is, a start-up, with its beautiful mess where everyone’s ideas fly around in the office 🙂

New news! This product development department just got a new boss. Coming from America and has a pro 9-years experience in IT and product by working at AOL and, his presence is a new glad to me as finally I  have a proper manager to address my concern over technical aspect of the product I take care everyday. His joining in the team also brings new challenge: I had been working with a Singaporean and Japanese manager; strict and perfectionist I would say, and then a Danish manager for a while, who is very awesome boss I could communicate with, before now being led by an American one…it’s gonna be a new leadership and organizational experience for me.

Splitting my roles into two: product and support…oh wait into three, because often I have to talk to sales and retention teams, have recently made me overloaded and super tired, but I keep myself strong that working in Denmark, learning leadership in this country, and contributing my talents here have been my genuine search since I moved to Copenhagen. My husband can obviously see this physical condition of mine as I came home with a tired face, and turn a little sensitive over words. We both hope I can get salary raise at least to the level of average minimum salary of new graduates in the IT industry in Denmark (besides, my family is planning to buy our first home in this city, too) 🙂

Roasted Lamb and Sweet Potato at Madklubben

Overloaded is not always the word, as I was really happy that currently, support department team invited me to join their team-building session: a paintball fight ending with nice dinner of tomato soup + roasted lamb and sweet potatoes + chocolate dessert + wines at Madklubben (a famous restaurant in the city with an ok price for such quality). I got to know more about the people I work with, though there was a sad touch that I am now no longer under support department. The event with them really made my day and I hope nice people will be there to work together with me in the new department.

May this year be a prosperous year for my career!


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