Typical Norwegian Breakfast

This gallery shows a typical Norwegian breakfast: salmon, salami, beef fillet, leverpostei (lever paste of bacon or chicken), halv-køk ægg (soft-boiled egg), bread and cereal are common, and TINE products (a monopolized dairy company) are everywhere on the table for Norwegians, from milk to butter. I took them during my stay at a cabin in Halling (Hallingdal), south of Norway.

Yups! Look like a lot of fat, but Norwegians are, one of the people I observe, obsessed with nature and sport, so those compensate. Besides, it’s cold in Norway which makes fat a body buffer from losing body heat.

p.s. I finally found my old memory card, which contains a lot of pictures from summer in Norway. So in the following months, I will share my last summer holiday photograps in this country.


3 thoughts on “Typical Norwegian Breakfast

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    • Hi Sunny! Thanks for dropping by on Nordic Nomads. Norwegian foods, and Scandinavian in general, are always fascinating to taste and experiment. I checked your blog too and it looks very delicate, particularly your posts wine and Norwegian food. It’s always interesting to read post from Norwegian Americans and their views toward their native land. 🙂

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