New Viking’s Resolutions in 2013

I rarely bother to write new year’s resolutions, partly because I have my own incremental agenda, both long-term and short-term which listed all my objectives and goals all the year, and partly due to too many activties i have during the year that make me easily forget my new year’s eve resolutions. However since I moved in to Copenhagen, Denmark, last summer, and integrate as a new viking, i think it is wise to start listing 2013 resolutions in my new country.

1. Fluent in Speaking Danish

Forget about the fact that Copenhageners tend to switch to English really easily when they heard someone unfluently and desperately trying to speak their language. There are only two option: Godt Dansk (good Danish) or Switch to English. It is hard to remain in between if you want to survive communicating in Denmark. But there is no harm to try, besides everything comes from a small start. So, fluent in speaking in Danish is my top resolution in 2013.

2. Move to a Larger Apartment (if possible, Buy Ejerlejlighed)

I admit that my current place is expensive, yet too small; 5200 DKK for only 25 m2. So, I want to move to slightly bigger apartment in Copenhagen, either start new credit o buy own apartment (ejerlejlighed) or rent better one. I have a wink one in Vanløse, close to train and metro station.


3. Perform Well and Better in My Job

I just got a new job as a category manager at a growing IT company in Copenhagen. So, it is a new job, and due to christmas break, i haven’t done much in my performance. This 2013 is my action time: communicate better with my colleagues across department, come up with master plan (day-to-day, and short, medium, and long-term plan for category business), and bring in result for the company. I love the company I work now. I regard it as a blessed place to start my career in Denmark, and I have committed to help the company moves forward with any efforts I can contribute. I indeed need some training in the future related to category, but before I demand it I have to be able to show my progress work which can entice my future possible training.

4. Do Sport, Stay Active and Shaped

I have gained much weight since I moved to Europe several months ago. And my job now involves a lot of sitting position. So, i will try to bike more, especially in the weekend and non-winter season, and be back to my old-time in figure skating. 


5. Save Minimum DKK 2,000 per Month

I want to fly visit my mom next year and treat her and my brother with my own money, so why not save some before summer holiday comes. In addition, I just want to collect some saving for rainy days with the ultimate aim to open timed-deposit investment.

6. Ingen Stress (No Stress in Danish)

I always am a big-city kid. Jakarta for 11 million people, Bogor for 2 million, Seattle for 600.000 people, and now Copenhagen for more than 1 million. And living in city is not always a relaxed way of life. Plus my quiet intense job now, it begins to consume my thinking that there is always something to worry, and I don’t fee healthy about it (well the past one year in the middle of my relocation to Europe, it had been a hard time).

I have to design my own way and system to be less stress. Monday – Friday for work, and Monday night for political club time, Tuesday and Thursday night for Danish lesson, and Wednesday night (until March 1 as outdoor rink only opened until this season) and Sunday afternoon (indoor rink) for figure skating. So let the Friday night and all Saturday for free time at home with my family, movies, home cleaning, cooking and engaged for body wellness and some massage or spa with my husband.

I have to understand that hearing problems from clients are my daily job, and settling in a new country is not that easy and there are always things to plan, and these are all continuous process and will never complete as if they were a force-task project with due date. They are not. They are my day-to-day stuff. So enjoy the beautiful Copenhagen and stop being stress about everything. Ingen Stess (No Stress in Danish).



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