“Your Netbook is Not Danish”, said HP Technical Support Denmark: A Lesson for Global Companies

Recently my husband just accidently dropped my netbook to the floor which caused its power button loose and consequently, unstable to maintain power when the netbook was being run. The netbook was purchased in Jakarta, Indonesia, but it maintains worldwide warranty for one year.

Meanwhile, we currently live in Denmark, and right after this accident, we contacted HP Denmark to claim our warranty on October 23, 2012. It went quiet a while, almost 20 minutes telephone waiting, until somebody picked up the phone.The customer support person suggested us to scan the warranty card (the blue one which contains information of serial number, date of purchase, product type, and hologram sticker) and sales receipt to hp_dk@mail.support.hp.com. He also asked us to write our problem on the e-mail, though we already explained to him over the phone, as written below:

Dear HP support center in Denmark,

My name is Riska Mirzalina. 

My husband, Sigvart Midling-Hansen, recently called your office this morning to confirm about our netbook’s problem: it fell to the floor which caused the clog on the power button and the netbook is unable to start (once, it started but lost the power again). Perhaps there is a problem with the connection to the power button. Since we cannot start the netbook, we do not know other problems within the software performance, which may arise from this accident.

We need urgent help to repair our netbook and would like to confirm our warranty card which is still valid as following information:

Product description: HP Notebook/ Netbook Pavilion dm1 3016 AU

Product Serial Number: 5CH12****

Date of Purchase: 10 December 2011

Customer name: Riska Mirzalina

Reseller name: PT. Sinar *****

Reseller Address: P**** S***** Lt.2 No.29. Jl. R.A. Kartini No.XYZ., JAKARTA 12440, INDONESIA

Kindly see the scan of the warranty card (with HP hologram sticker), along with the invoice sales/ receipt.

Do you think such problem can be fixed from your service center? If yes, how long will it usually take to get fixed? 

Thank You.

The day after, we received e-mail from HP Denmark technical support, which basically helped nothing but telling us that our netbook was not Danish which made them nearly impossible to fix the unit. Here is the answer:

Oct 23 (8 days ago)

to me

Hello Riska MirzalinaThank you for contacting HP technical support.

We got a few technical problems here, First of all, Unit is “not Danish” which makes it nearly impossible to repair at the Danish repair-line : To get a repair, you need to contact the HP-Department in the country you bought the machine in.

Furthermore, Since unit was dropped, (Self-inflicted damage) is not covered by warranty, and therefore, repair has to be paid of own pocket.

– As ending, If we say unit could be repaired in your home-country, you need to pay for the transport from DK to the country yourself.

Already here, i would presume the unit is gonna cost more to repair then to get fixed.

I’m so sorry about this, we can’t really do anything to ease the pain.



HP technical support

If you wish to respond to this email so please do not remove the previous text.

*** Do Not Delete Service Ticket Number ***

*** Do Not Delete Service Ticket Number ***

Our guide is only limited to it / they asked questions and is based on the information we have available to them. Problems and solutions may depend on your system environment and various other parameters, such as Hewlett-Packard are not familiar with. To the extent permitted by local law, Hewlett-Packard does not assume any responsibility or liability. Be aware that technical information changes as new data become available, and Hewlett-Packard recommends that you regularly check our Customer Care Web site at http://www.hp.com/support to see if there are any updates. To the extent permitted under your local laws, the Hewlett-Packard shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages in connection with the use of this information. To the extent that this disclaimer is inconsistent with local law, this disclaimer shall be deemed to be modified to comply with such local law. Except to the extent permitted by law, exclude, restrict or modify this disclaimer is not relevant mandatory statutory rights, but is ettillæg it.

The personal data that HP uses for support, treated according to HP Personal Data Rights Notice, see http://h41112.www4.hp.com/privacynotice/. Hewlett-Packard does not demand that you send financial data in your reply to this email. Include not credit card information or other financial information in your response.

The above answer left us with an ultimate anger. We could understand the consequence that dropping the netbook meant the unit could not be covered by the warranty, but at least they supposed to help us with step-by-step how to repair it at their repair line.

The most thing that we don’t really like is when they told us that our netbook IS NOT DANISH!

The world is already too full with racism, from discriminating skin color, religion, to nationalities. And the wording of my netbook is not Danish, sort of resembles xenophobia issue in Denmark, politically spreaded by Danske Folkeparti, regarding the treatment toward non Danish people. I don’t think HP Denmark should carry this mentality in their supposed to be global company’s reputation with products manufactured in different countries and sold around the world.

In addition, HP Denmark wrote us a silly suggestion to contact HP Indonesia where we purchased the netbook and consequently, has to be fixed there (while we live in Denmark)!

So, with flame over our head, we replied Theis, a technical support at HP Denmark:

Riska Mirzalina mirzalina@gmail.com

Oct 23 (8 days ago)


Thank you for your reply.

First of all, as a customer I am really disappointed with HP support system Denmark for pointing out that the unit of my netbook is “not Danish” which you claimed as “nearly impossible” to fix. As a global company, it is common that your products can be bought in different countries, so pinpointed that my netbook was unable to get fixed because it was purchased in other country than Denmark, shows the attitude of your company for not being responsible selling the products around the world. As a customer I feel HP Denmark does not have ethic in caring and protecting the right of your customers. 

I purchased another HP Laptop from the USA before, and when it had a problem with the  mother board while I was in Jakarta, Indonesia, I took it to HP center there and it laid under warranty and got fixed. So, I really do not understand why your support system is as not globally service minded as other regional HP offices.

Additionally, you said that the netbook was dropped so that the fixing process has to be paid with my own pocket. Did you just make a blunder here that my netbook actually can be fixed, but you just refused it because it is not “Danish”?

For your information, I don’t mind using extra cost to fix my netbook. I just want to use my warranty as it claimed by HP: warranty valid within a year since the purchase date.

I live in Copenhagen, and your suggestion to bring it back to Indonesia does not really make sense. What is the point of HP global placed your branch in Denmark, if it was not for expanding its service?

I still think HP support system Denmark is really bearing a shame attitude. And I won’t mind to forward my complaint to your upper level manager, media, and other related organization.

I hope your company become a bit more globally standardized.

The company did not wait too long to reply our angry e-mail, probably due to the last sentence to forward the complaint to related parties (if I did not write that, they maybe will ignore).

Oct 24 (7 days ago)

to me
Hello Riska Mirzalina 

HP Delivers “Limited-World-Wide-Warranty” The system we got here, Is standardized.

What i was saying was : We can “maybe” take the unit in for repair, But it’s gonna cost for you
* Maybe * = It’s up to the repair-line, if the center has the valid spare parts to fix the issue, Also, it could take longer time than expected (Normally 7-10 working days pr. rep) This could take months before the right spare part is on store.

To clarify, i do not decline anything, i’m merely telling you, that either this is “impossible, due to what repair-line is telling us”, Or that you have an option to get this fixed (Like it’s supposed to) in the country where unit is bought.

HP cannot be held responsible for travels (Etc, buy a machine in australia, and come to DK, then the power-supply doesn’t work to the Danish outlet) This cannot be taken into considerations.

– This is pretty much same situation, We can ask repair-line, worst-case : We get a no, Best case : We get a yes, they will try, but cannot promise for waiting time.

I think it would be best, if you call us, and we can explain this plain, and simple.


HP technical support 
Once we finished reading the e-mail, we became even more disappointed. This person, Theis, who answered our e-mail, seemed to fool us around by trying to correct what we thought and replied on the earlier message, by saying “What i was saying was : We can “maybe” take the unit in for repair, But it’s gonna cost for you”. Surely, we remembered nothing on his first reply about them willingly to guide us on step-by-step to repair our netbook under their service, including the non-warranty condition one.
We then pathetically followed what he said: to call the company again and at 10 AM in the morning, nobody responsively took our call, but some stupid song and long waiting. We e-mailed them again,
Riska Mirzalina mirzalina@gmail.com

Oct 24 (7 days ago)

We tried to call to 70202845, but your automatic telephone answer made us wait almost 15 minutes while no one eventually pick it up, so we hung up and just left our number. 
And in the late afternoon….yes in the late afternoon…since 10 AM, we received e-mail from Theis guy again:

Oct 24 (7 days ago)

to me
 Hello Riska Mirzalina 

Sorry for the waiting-time, we are working as fast as we can. 

If you put your number in the system, you’ll be called back today!

HP technical support 

We did received a call back from their company, but it was long behind the time after our uncountable attempts to contact their customer support. It brought us nothing but being handled by a customer support guy who wanted us to RETELL our problem again, and ended up suggesting us to do the same thing again…to scan the warranty card and sales receipt 😦

At that point, we did not know whether to laugh or to get angry to this customer support guy over the phone. He may be just somebody, who knew nothing about our earlier case with his technical support department.  So, we told him that we had done what he asked. He was really confused about how possible it was for HP technical support department to redirect customer, whom, according to their blueprint, supposed to be handled at technical process. He also told us that it was technical support department which decide whether such case could be handled or not.

My husband also questioned, in this global world, how come sending parts from other countries may take months to be sent to Denmark. We remember his reply:

“True. But the procedure may take time. Beside, our technician may not understand the parts being manufactured in non-Nordic area.”

Non-sense and helpless. A global company like HP must have standardization about parts they produced, assembled, and sold. They dare to sell the products worldwide meant they have to be ready fixing it worldwide too.

So, in other words, he could not help us either.

We realized that we were being ping-pong by HP support Denmark.

We also learned another mistake from this company: on their ping-pong e-mail to us, there was always automatic message at the bottom of their e-mails (look Theis’ first e-mail):

*** Do Not Delete Service Ticket Number ***

Our guide is only limited to it / they asked questions and is based on the information we have available to them. 

Actually, there was never be a service ticket number given to us, which may helped us referring it to the last customer support person we contacted, so that he did not have to re-learn the issue again.

For the sake of business process, HP Denmark does not seem like having a clear blueprint on taking care their customers: A redundancy over information being processed. This was shown by how we had to retell our case over and over, every time we called them, causing confusing message and finally, neglect by the company.

We finally decided not to bring this non sense request further with HP Denmark, as it consumed our time and energy. Once in a while it caused tension in our family too 😦 😦

Our ending e-mail to HP Denmark reflects all disappointments customers had suffered:

Riska Mirzalina mirzalina@gmail.com

Oct 24 (7 days ago)


Hi Theis,

Someone had called us back and we re-explained everything. Unfortunately, he also got the same response as your previous e-mail: he does not know if our netbook is possible to be fixed and referred us another loop of process which we already did when we first contacted HP support system yesterday: send e-mail complaint to hp_dk@mail.support.hp.com

When we explained that we had e-mailed HP support, and instead following your suggestion to contact them back to get explanation (and perhaps, immediate procedure how to fix our netbook), the guy from the customer support also got confused and said that the technicians on your repair line may not understand the components on HP netbook purchased outside Denmark. 

To me this sounds absurd as technical process should have manual standardization, or at least guideline how to fix it if the product is bought in different countries. Even if the computer is manufactured somewhere else (most products now have components manufactured all over different countries), there should be a system for global company to get parts from other nearest hub (e.g.Poland) to solve particular damage. 

One day, I got my HP driver sent to HP Singapore by HP Indonesia for free under warranty (even if it’s not under warranty, they still offer step by step how to get a unit repaired from their authorized repairmen center), though it was purchased in the USA. The component appeared to only available in Singapore.

Afterall, we decided to not go further with this ping-pong process at the mean time, as what we need now is just to get our netbook repaired (it has important data inside). We finally bring our netbook to another service repairmen company and they said we could get 5 days diagnosis time. What we need is simple: how to get our HP netbook fixed by authorized HP repairmen system, either under warranty or not.

Riska Mirzalina & Sigvart Midling-Hansen

We then received a reply e-mail, saying sorry, but seemed like it came from someone else (not Theis), named Jeppe, who mistakenly thought that my netbook was purchased in the US and suggested us to call HP U.S. number (our netbook was purchased in Indonesia. It was our old HP laptop which bought in the U.S.

Oct 25 (6 days ago)

to me

Hi Riska

I surely understand your frustration about this. However there are no standardised procedure on how to repair HP notebooks since there are so many different models marketed in only specific parts of the world, and at the moment we are only able to repair a very small amount of units bought outside of the Nordics.

Since your notebook was purchased in the U.S.A the best for you would be to contact the American support on this phone number 800-474-6836. They are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and I am sure that they can help out with this.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind regards

HP Teknisk support

Again, same attitude of tendency to ping-pong to other and false information caused by redundancy over it. I have no idea if they do this because they do not want to take responsible, lazy, or what…Afterall, Danish standard’s salary is relatively way higher than many other countries, including U.S., but why the attitude is very far away from being service-minded.

Eventually, we brought the netbook to another private reparation company which gave us estimation for our netbook. It appeared that the cost to repair the netbook amounted to more than 7000 Danish Kronor (USD1,200), while buying a new one will cost about 2000-3000 Danish Kronor (USD440)

It was such an unfortunate story of ours with one company in Denmark.

At least one thing we know: We do not want to buy HP for our new netbook or other peripherals under their brand. We are not here to call others to not use or buy HP products, but according our experience, we just do not want to trust reckless after-sales service for our personal item such as netbook.

We bought several HP products before from laptop, printer, monitor, to PC. And after our long time trust to HP, they sink our heart by a very crucial part of business service, after-sales.

Perhaps our experience can be a lesson for global companies. That as global companies, they cannot think they are everything as neglecting their customer is a fatal start of distrust creation to their bottom line, sales.


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