A Piece of Humanist Taught for being a New Scandinavian

ImageR.A. Kartini, Irshad Manji, Hillary Clinton, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, and many women in the middle east who have struggled for better society but still haven’t been recognized by the repressive regimes. Those are women who have put their most efforts to bring better humanity, through means of education, freedom of faith, politics, and many more.

I am not a feminist, I am an equalist.

I just want to tell you who are still arguing if women shouldn’t lead and pursue better education, still debating their limitations as a mother and pregnancy time (at work or in politics). To you who are still arguing about the existence of mixed religious and cultural marriage, homo sexuality, transgender, and freedom to believe and disbelieve…I just want to say,

That you are 100 years behind…

A good human is not judged by its religion, faith, race, gender, money, or how high his/her academic degree. It is determined by how much progress and benefits she/he has created to the surrounding.

The world has become so globalized that being so frustrated over things that differ us by default such as race, gender, and religion, will just jeopardize the equality that many good people have tried to build. Let us just focus on what similarity we shared, with consciousness that each human is unique on its way.

Thank you, Scandinavia for teaching me the values of equality, humanity, peace, environtmentally-friendly attitude, and sharing.


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