The Open Air Museum at Lyngby: Experiencing Denmark in a 17th Century

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Photo Courtesy: Riska Mirzalina (c) 2012

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The Open Air Museum Called – Frilandsmuseet – was founded in 1987 by Bernhard Olsen – an enthusiastic museums inspector – who found it appropriate for coming generations to experience old buildings and created the Danish Peoples Museum for preservation of rural houses and homes from the past – and also to protect Danish culture andheritage that seemed to be lost for ever. His museum was then integrated into the Open Air Museum (Frilandsmuseet) and moved to its present location in 1901 to the north outskirts of Copenhagen at Kongens Lyngby.

All of the ancient buildings exhibited at the museum premises were carefully transferred from their originally site to the museum area and are fully furnished and equipped with the genuine furniture – tools – kitchen utensils – household items and textiles. The existing land of each building has been made into the original gardens or reshaped in order to show the diverse character of the surrounding area in the various parts of the country with running streams – open landscapes or stretches of unfruitful heath. Visitors can experience old country gardens in their original set up and the museums many animals like horses – cattle – pigs – ducks – chickens – goats and sheep – which also contributes to create interest and fun for the younger visitors.

Many of the old farmhouses have workshops attached to the premises – where the visitor can experience different types of handicraft items and tools are displayed. Many activities are conducted at the Open Air Museum and one can take the horse buggy and see the entire premises of the museum. Visitors can even bump into people dressed in their national costumes or everyday clothing as well as a peasant – miller – blacksmith – shoemaker – housewife from the past – who all will greet and welcome you to the museum. There are picnic facilities at the museum – but one can also find some charming settings for a picnic surrounded by ancient residents – half-timbered thatched houses or at historical gardens or flourishing backyards from the very past.

A Must for any Tourist – and Free Admission
Any tourist visiting Copenhagen -the Open Air Museum at Kongens Lyngby is a must for every sightseer that wants to spend a day in historical surroundings and to learn more about Danish history and culture plus the every day life in Denmark many centuries ago. The admission to the Open Air Museum is absolutely free and worth is a visit.



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